Welcome to IMPROJEX

IMPROJEX provides Project and Growth Management Services to clients taking the next step in expanding their business space.  With various experience across different industries ranging from property to the arts, that include project management to integration workshops, our services focus on helping clients grow efficiently and painlessly. 
IMPROJEX prides itself on providing to clients an approach which is creative, clear and collaborative.  We strongly believe that creative solutions are found in an environment where unnecessary jargon and adversity is replaced with clear, collaborative communication.  Therefore, based on the “creative, clear, collaborative” mantra, IMPROJEX presents its services with:

  • project procedure manuals free of unnecessary jargon
  • informal meetings and daily communication which promotes open communication
  • fee quotes with staged milestones/exit points to cater for clients’ needs,
  • brainstorm sessions with clients’ front line/end user staff, and
  • keeping the experience stressfree and creative for all involved to maintain a positive energy.

 That is what makes us your innovative choice as your Project and Growth Management Consultants.